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GoldCare™ Tokens

GoldCare™ Token System

GoldCare™ members use tokens to purchase any services within GoldCare™. For example, they are used for:

  • Doctor or other clinician (telemedicine) consultations.

  • Wellness consultations.

  • Interactive, small group classes.

Why does GoldCare™ Use Tokens

  • The token system simplifies the scheduling process and maintains a positive balance in your account.

  • Purchasing tokens protects you against inflation and allows us to ensure services are available for you.

  • For these reasons we encourage pre-purchasing tokens. Currently, there is no limit, and they never expire.

GoldCare™ Tokens

How the GoldCare™ Token System Works

Think of GoldCare™ tokens as a gift card that never expires.

  • Five tokens will always be needed to purchase 15-minutes of physician time, but the cost of the tokens will eventually increase.

  • Tokens are similar to ‘forever stamps’ sold by the post office. One stamp is the cost of mailing one letter.

  • Tokens never expire.

  • Any unused tokens will be returned if you cancel your membership.

  • All members must maintain a balance of at least 15 tokens before scheduling an appointment.

How to Purchase GoldCare™ Tokens

  • GoldCare™ tokens are purchased within the patient portal using your debit or credit card.

  • If you have less than 15 tokens in your account, the system will prompt you to purchase more tokens before it allows you to schedule an appointment (or a class if tokens are required).

GoldCare™ Tokens Protect You Financially.

  • The current price of a GoldCare™ token is $20. Here’s the breakdown of the current rates based on each 15-minute block of time:

    • Physician: 5 tokens ($100)
    • Nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant: 4 tokens ($80)
    • Coach (such as a registered dietitian or nurse): 3 tokens ($60)

  • The cost of GoldCare™ tokens will increase over time due to inflation and demand.

  • When you purchase GoldCare™ tokens, you have locked in the token’s intrinsic value (15-minutes physician time) at the lowest cost. This protects you against price increases due to both inflation and increased demand.

Do GoldCare™ Tokens Expire?

  • Never. Like the USPS forever stamp, GoldCare™ tokens will always retain their intrinsic value and they never expire. 

  • GoldCare™ tokens cannot be used for membership fees or outside services (i.e., prescriptions, labs, or imaging, etc.).

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