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If you are certain that the GoldCare™ Community is not for you and you wish to permanently cancel your annual membership, please request a pro-rated refund of your annual membership by emailing

If, however, you wish to cancel your annual membership for administrative or other issues that include but are not limited to death, financial inability to pay, moving to a state that does not offer an equivalent level of GC (clinical) services, or other reasons, we encourage members to simply let the annual membership expire while continuing to avail yourself of the benefits. In this way, you may rejoin at a later date. If there is a substantial hardship reason, please write and this will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Any unused tokens will be reimbursed upon cancellation of the membership.

For those leaving GoldCare™ due to violation(s) of the PMA agreement, or if the separation is not amicable, cancellation of the membership for the member/family is permanent and will not be reinstated.

Clinical Services:

There is no refund for a service already received such as a scheduled consultation or appointment with any clinical or wellness provider. However, if there is a concern regarding an appointment, the patient will have the opportunity to remedy the concern through member services. Any quality concern will be taken very seriously by GoldCare™ Health and Wellness utilizing our clinical director, member services and if necessary, mediation.

The patient will always be empowered to select physicians that will best meet their needs but there can be no refund for services that were provided.

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GoldCare Health & Wellness is not a medical provider. We work with affiliated professionals in our network, including physicians, advance practice providers, nurses, dietitians, fitness, spirituality, and wellness coaches. Licensed professionals are duly licensed and equipped to render services to members. We are not holding ourselves out as medical providers.