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Nutrition & Wellness Services

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The Nutrition & Wellness Services aims to promote health within the individual, encompassing both mental and physical wellness.

We strive to view the person as a whole in order to achieve optimal health through nutrition, stress management, physical fitness, and integrative medicine. Nutrition & Wellness Services provides top-level care that emphasizes the development of the practitioner-client relationship — we strive to help patients achieve their personal goals by taking an approach that is comfortable and attainable.

Nutrition & Wellness services take a patient-first approach, responding to individual questionnaires and assessing readiness for change. Goals between practitioner and client are personalized based on patient responses to the initial intake questionnaire. The aim of each client’s plan is to create and achieve goals in a step-like manner. This allows clients to reach small goals over time as they progress towards one larger goal. Practitioners in the GoldCare™ system aim to practice Nutrition & Wellness in such a way that minimizes the traditional obstructions to patient care and creates an environment that is welcoming to patients regardless of their wellness goals.

Whole-person care

In order to provide whole-person care, there are additional services available that target mental and physical health. Patients may need to be referred to a naturopathic provider who utilizes a variety of natural ways to help heal the body and optimize health. This includes diet, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, detoxification, environmental factors, exercise, and lifestyle, as well as identifying natural alternatives to medications.

Dietitians speak with patients based on their current nutritional and dietary needs to optimize health. Body composition, nutrition behaviors, eating habits, weight changes, and laboratory values are all important components of the nutrition care process.

Mental Wellbeing

Stress affects almost all aspects of the body including the brain, skin, cardiovascular system, joints and muscles, gut, immune system, and reproductive system. Excess stress may cause poor nutrient absorption, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, or bloating. Regular use of apps such as Calm or Headspace may help relieve stress. Practitioners may also discuss yoga therapy, mediation, prayer, breathwork, journaling, and other stress management tools with patients to help find the best strategies to reduce overall stress levels.

Mental wellness is a key component to overall wellbeing.

Integrated within Nutrition & Wellness services include mental health providers to address psychiatric concerns. GoldCare™ Psychiatric specialists may be consulted on an as-needed basis to assist the primary provider by making recommendations. In some cases, members may benefit from a longitudinal psychiatric provider to manage their medications exclusively.

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